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GATA3 rs3824662, IKZF1 (rs4132601& rs11978267), and ARID5B (rs10821936 & rs10994982) Gene Polymorphisms in Egyptian Adult Patients with Acute Leukemia

GATA3, IKZF1, and ARID5B polymorphisms are validated risks of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in numerous ethnicities, whilst, their role in adult patients with acute leukemia is less well defined. Objective: The study aims to investigate the association between the GATA3 rs3824662, IKZF1 (rs4132601& rs11978267), and ARID5B (rs10821936 & rs10994982) and the susceptibility to adult acute leukemia, as well as their impact on the treatment outcome. Methods: Real-time PCR was performed for the 5 SNPs in 91 patients (53 ALL and 38 AML) and 194 healthy controls. Results: IKZF1 rs4132601 G allele, G/G and G/T genotypes, as well as G/A haplotype of IKZF1 rs4132601/rs11978267 were significantly higher in ALL vs. healthy controls (p-values were <0.001, 0.001, 0.012, and 0.036, respectively) and in AML vs. healthy controls (p-values were <0.001, 0.001, 0.001, and 0.005, respectively). ARID5B rs10821936 C allele, C/C and C/T genotypes, as well as C/A haplotype of rs10821936/rs10994982 were significantly higher in ALL vs. healthy controls (p-values were <0.001, <0.001, 0.005, and 0.036, respectively), and only C allele and C/C genotype in AML vs. healthy controls (p-values were 0.002 and 0.017, respectively). Shorter Overall Survival (p = 0.003) and lack of remission (p=0.041) were significantly higher in ALL patients harboring IKZF1 rs4132601 G/G genotype. Conclusion: IKZF1 rs4132601 and ARID5B rs10821936 are potential risky SNPs for the development of acute leukemia in Egyptian adults. Furthermore, ALL patients with the IKZF1 rs4132601 GG genotype are probably more prone to poor outcome.

GATA3 rs3824662, IKZF1 rs4132601, IKZF1rs11978267, ARID5B rs10821936, ARID5B rs10994982, ALL, AML

APA Style

Attallah, S. M., Mosaad, Y. M., Taalab, M. M., Eisa, N. N., Hammad, A. M., et al. (2023). GATA3 rs3824662, IKZF1 (rs4132601& rs11978267), and ARID5B (rs10821936 & rs10994982) Gene Polymorphisms in Egyptian Adult Patients with Acute Leukemia. Cancer Research Journal, 11(4), 142-155.

ACS Style

Attallah, S. M.; Mosaad, Y. M.; Taalab, M. M.; Eisa, N. N.; Hammad, A. M., et al. GATA3 rs3824662, IKZF1 (rs4132601& rs11978267), and ARID5B (rs10821936 & rs10994982) Gene Polymorphisms in Egyptian Adult Patients with Acute Leukemia. Cancer Res. J. 2023, 11(4), 142-155. doi: 10.11648/j.crj.20231104.14

AMA Style

Attallah SM, Mosaad YM, Taalab MM, Eisa NN, Hammad AM, et al. GATA3 rs3824662, IKZF1 (rs4132601& rs11978267), and ARID5B (rs10821936 & rs10994982) Gene Polymorphisms in Egyptian Adult Patients with Acute Leukemia. Cancer Res J. 2023;11(4):142-155. doi: 10.11648/j.crj.20231104.14

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